MM Royals is owned and operated by myself, Matthew Mattera. I've had a love for reptiles since I was a young boy- there was something about them that always fascinated me. After a break in keeping reptiles for several years I decided to once again embrace my love for snakes and to purchase a ball python. I find myself drawn to the diversity of colors and patterns of these snakes as well as the multitude of potential genetic combinations. I saw an exciting future full of possibilities and after keeping successfully for several years I was inspired to breed my investment quality animals and to create MM Royals.

My goal as a breeder is to give my customers the most personal experience with unrivaled support. I have no employees. All of the snakes I own and produce receive my personal care and attention. My collection will be limited in size only to the number of animals for which I can provide the highest level of quality care. I am not in the business of trying to produce every morph or chase the latest morph trend. I am focused on morphs that I find personally appealing and that I feel have longevity in the market. I want to provide my customers with exceptional animals that they will be able to enjoy and appreciate for many years to come.

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